06 June 2013

Ligue des droits et libertés: Soccer is a public, not private, concern

In an interview Wednesday, the grandfather of two girls said his own grandfather died fighting for Canada on the beaches of Normandy, and that as taxpayers in Quebec, Sikhs shouldn’t be banned from public soccer pitches because they wear turbans ...

Dominique Peschard, president of La Ligue des droits et libertés, said it’s up to the federation to back up its stance that turbans pose a risk.
“If they can’t put forward compelling material evidence, and the information points in the other direction that there is actually no security risk, our opinion is there should be no ban on the wearing of a turban.”
But if, as some have suggested, the ban can be seen as a trend to ban religious symbols entirely, Peschard said that’s a concern.
“There’s a feeling of insecurity that is fed on by political parties here and elsewhere,” he said. “It’s symptomatic.”

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