15 June 2013

Montreal Gazette: FSQ finally complies with turban permission

Quebec soccer body lifts turban ban

“Our intervention was solely from a technical point of view and had absolutely nothing to do with religious matters or political issues. We were unwillingly led to this path while we were only trying to get information on a regulation issue that falls under the body that governs our sport.”
She said Saturday her choice of words had been “involuntary” and unfortunate because of her lack of fluency in English, and apologized to anyone who may have been offended, particularly in the anglophone community.“The issue left the field of play much more than we could ever have imagined,” she said. 
Frot said the suspension is now rescinded, relations between the two associations have been restored and the whole “surreal” controversy might have been avoided if there’d been better communication beforehand.
Asked about Premier Pauline Marois’s defence of the QSF, Frot said “the government tried to help the QSF and that’s a fact we appreciate.”

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