08 June 2013

Kondaks: Federalism and linguistic minorities

Tony Kondaks:

In the letter it is stated: "The Government of Canada values an approach that fully respects provincial jurisdiction, and takes into account each province'S unique characteristics...." and "In pursuing the promotion of both English and French, we must nevertheless recognize the constitutional right of the provinces to legislate the language(s) of use within their own jurisdictions."
Ah, yes; the JURISDICTION excuse. How convenient. Well, the letter writer ("Canada" it seems) seems to have forgotten that the responsibility and obligation to protect provincial linguistic minorities lies with the federal government, vested as they are with the "veto" power. So the JURISDICTION in the federation of Canada to protect minorities lies with the federal level of government, NOT the provinces.
I would have preferred that the letter writer remind us of that and just be honest and add that "well, we don't have the courage or political will to exercise this responsibility so you are out of luck." 

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