15 June 2013

CTV: FSQ reverses long-illegal soccer turban ban

Quebec poised to reverse soccer turban ban | CTV Montreal News

In a statement published on Friday, FIFA said that it altered international rules in October 2012 to permit turbans until further notice, as long as certain conditions are met.

FIFA's regulatory body, the International Football Association Board is analyzing the use of turbans in soccer games, and that board will discuss the again in October 2013, making a permanent decision in March 2014.

Meanwhile the CSA has notified the Quebec Soccer Federation of FIFA's rules. The CSA also made public a letter sent to the Quebec Soccer Federation in April saying that FIFA's rules permitted turbans.

FIFA has now made it clear that its regulations were changed seven months before the Quebec's soccer organization banned turbans, a decision which QSF claims it was unaware of, despite repeated letters from the CSA informing all provincial soccer associations of the decision.

The suspension inflamed tensions in Quebec, with Premier Pauline Marois claiming, incorrectly, that the QSF was not subject to the regulations imposed by the CSA.

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