06 June 2013

Michael den Tandt: Quebec's soccer turban ban is shameful

Quebec's soccer turban ban is shameful

... This is, of course, egregiously, gloriously idiotic. In citing safety, the federation points to rules set by FIFA, soccer's international governing body. But FIFA's Rule 4, governing equipment and clothing, explicitly allows flexibility, at the officials' discretion.
"All items of clothing or equipment other than the basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined not to be dangerous," the rule states. "Modern protective equipment such as headgear, face masks, and knee and arm protectors made of soft, lightweight padded material are not considered dangerous and are therefore permitted."
 In other words: If a youngster wishes to wear a face mask, which by definition must be resistant, and could therefore conceivably injure another player in a collision (however unlikely that may be), it can be allowed, at the referee's discretion. But a neatly tied turban, keski or patka is a bridge too far ...

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