23 June 2013

Resolution re: Fete-St-JeaNationale

WHEREAS St-Jean Baptiste is the patron saint of French Canada (Note: not Quebec); and

WHEREAS La Fete St-Jean is a franco-nationalist celebration by definition; and

WHEREAS I am not French-Canadian by ethnicity (merely French-speaking); and

WHEREAS official St-Jean celebrations must be presented in Canadian French; and

WHEREAS French is not the only official language in Quebec, just of the provincial government; and

WHEREAS La Fete nationale is a national-sovereignist celebration by definition; and

WHEREAS it is organized by a sovereignist group, the MNQ, sponsored by the provincial govt; and

WHEREAS Quebec is not a nation (country), nor a nation-state, not even an ethnos, but merely a province within a country:

BE IT RESOLVED to not commemorate a falsely 'national' holiday on 24 JUN, whatever it is called.

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