28 June 2013

Ottawa Citizen: How Confederation really happened

Op-Ed: How Confederation really happened

This is the first of a two-part series on Confederation. Part I covers the reality of what actually happened in 1867; Part II will cover the myths that have since developed concerning that agreement.
In 2017, Canadians will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation, one of the most important milestones in our history. A good place to start with the preparations is with an understanding of what Confederation was all about, coupled with an understanding of the myths that have since arisen about that momentous event in 1867.
What is and is not a myth is somewhat subjective, and may simply reflect differing interpretations of what actually happened: one person’s myths may be another person’s reality. The fact that the negotiations were secret and that no records were kept also makes facts more difficult to prove and myths much easier to promote. Hopefully readers will delve into history books to help form their own views on the reality and myths of Confederation. These two articles provide a guide and a decent list of the issues.

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