27 December 2011

NDP race: Things have turned around for underdog Thomas Mulcair in NDP leadership race

He went into the campaign for the New Democratic Party leadership saying that the party's lack of a Quebec base created a structural disadvantage for him.

Today, halfway through the race and the first candidate to have visited every province meeting hundreds of NDP delegates, Outremont MP Thomas Mulcair says things have turned around for the better.

"We've been on an ascending curve," Mulcair said in a year-end interview with The Gazette. "Our campaign is picking up momentum week by week, day by day and it's going in the right direction

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11 December 2011

The stakes are raised in the war on English

The stakes are raised in the war on English

Testifying in his trial on drug-trafficking charges this week, Tony Conte, a 47-year-old Montreal native, said he could not understand certain text messages that he had received that were alleged to concern a drug transaction because he doesn't understand English.

Conte, an actor, testified that he has even had to turn down roles because of his lack of English.

For this heroic personal sacrifice, and for his exemplary, lifelong resistance to English assimilation, I nominate Conte for the next "patriot of the year" award of the anti-English Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal ...

01 December 2011

Why the anglo-dinosaur hunt? Now it's trendy to 'out' them

Why the anglo-dinosaur hunt? Now it's trendy to 'out' them

When National Bank president Louis Vachon last week refused to fire a vice-president at National's Montreal headquarters who doesn't speak French, he said he "will not go English-hunting at the bank."

Elsewhere, however, the sport of unilingual-anglo hunting is growing in popularity.

Long restricted to captains of the Montreal Canadiens and clerks in stores on Ste. Catherine St., the hunt has recently been extended to holders of high federal office and managers in Montreal financial institutions.