05 November 2018

Old Tradition of Secularism Clashes With France’s New Reality - NYTimes.com

Old Tradition of Secularism Clashes With France’s New Reality - NYTimes.com

The law of 1905, said Roger Cukierman, the director of the Representative Council of French Jewish Organizations, “was an agreement in a Christian country among mainly Christians,” long before the influx of Muslim workers and their families, but it recognized Judaism.
While laïcité meant keeping religion in the private domain, “it’s more and more difficult because the Muslim minority is requesting the ability to pray every few hours and to have halal food, including in private enterprises,” Mr. Cukierman said.
Voltaire wrote that religion was on a diminishing road, but it has returned with a vengeance, said Dominique Moïsi, a French political scientist. “Laïcité has become the first religion of the Republic, and it requires obedience and belief,” Mr. Moïsi said. “But I care more for democracy than for the republic,” he said. “To play Voltaire in the 21st century is irresponsible.” 

Laïcité: malaise au sein du caucus de QS


Premier test de cohérence du nouveau groupe de députés de Québec solidaire (QS) : des élus semblent mal à l'aise avec la position du parti sur la laïcité.

QS prône depuis longtemps le « compromis » de la commission Bouchard-Taylor, mais un débat pourrait venir au sein du caucus sur cette position, a laissé entendre mercredi le leader parlementaire du parti, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.
Il a évoqué cette possibilité après les réserves évoquées par deux de ses nouveaux collègues, le député de Jean-Lesage, Sol Zanetti, et celle de Taschereau, Catherine Dorion.

03 November 2018

William Johnson: How Jack Layton [and the NDP] courted Bloc voters


The game-changer of the 2011 election campaign is the New Democratic Party's surge in Quebec while the Bloc Québécois declined.

None had predicted it. It took all by surprise. But was it an entirely unaccountable phenomenon? Hardly.
From the time he won the NDP leadership in 2003, Jack Layton manoeuvred to build his party in Quebec from the ground up by courting the nationalist clientele of the Bloc Québécois. His strategy followed that of Brian Mulroney when the Progressive Conservative party was defunct in la belle province. The Tory leader built support in Quebec by recruiting separatists like Marcel Masse and Lucien Bouchard, then launching nationalist messages like treating the 1982 patriation of the Constitution as an infamy.

Gérard Bouchard says he's 'disappointed' by CAQ's proposed ban on religious symbols

Co-author of Bouchard-Taylor report says repeated efforts to act on recommendations have failed

Gérard Bouchard, the eminent sociologist who co-authored the 2008 report on the reasonable accommodation of cultural minorities in Quebec, has joined Charles Taylor in criticizing the CAQ government's proposed ban on religious symbols for some civil servants.

Last week, Taylor slammed the CAQ plan, calling it ignorant and dishonest.
Now Bouchard is also speaking out, saying Premier François Legault's plan caught him off guard.

02 November 2018

No Dogs or Anglophones: Poll Exposes Sad Truth about Race Attitudes in Quebec

Quebec National Assembly ban on kirpans survives appeal to Supreme Court

The Sikh plaintiffs did not want to surrender their kirpans prior to presenting a brief to a legislative committee.


No kirpans will be permitted inside Quebec’s National Assembly.
The Supreme Court of Canada refused on Thursday to hear an appeal from a man and woman — both of them Sikhs — who were refused access to the province’s legislature because they refused to surrender the ceremonial dagger that has already been legally recognized as part of their religious observance.
The Supreme Court’s decision essentially upholds two lower court rulings that found the National Assembly acted within its parliamentary privilege in denying entry to the pair, privilege which is not subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

01 November 2018

«Si on parle français au Québec, c’est grâce au Canada»: le passage de Jean Chrétien à «Tout le monde en parle» fait réagir


L’ancien premier ministre du Canada Jean Chrétien a soulevé les passions lors de son passage à Tout le monde en parle, dimanche, alors qu’il a affirmé entre autres que si on parlait encore français au Québec, c’était grâce au Canada.
«Si on a gardé notre langue, c’est parce que nous, canadiens-français de l’époque, on a décidé de rester avec la couronne britannique, qui nous offrait des meilleures garanties pour notre religion et de notre culture», a-t-il déclaré à Serge Fiori qui lui demandait pourquoi il ne reconnaissait pas le Québec comme un pays.
Le politicien a également tenté de relativiser son rôle lors de la nuit des longs couteaux de 1981, affirmant avoir été réveillé «sur le tard».

Baloney Meter: Tories say niqab ban needed to prove citizenship applicant's ID | CTV News

Baloney Meter: Tories say niqab ban needed to prove citizenship applicant's ID | CTV News

THE VERDICT  Whatever the merits of the government's arguments about Canadian values and gender equality, the contention that face coverings must be banned in order to verify identity does not hold up, given the multiple other ways in which citizenship applicants must prove their identity.  For these reasons, the statement by Menegakis is "full of baloney."

What are the core values of French society?

Joie de vivre


Allison Hanes: Why is Quebec debating values again?

'It is precisely because Quebecers are a French-speaking minority within Canada and North America that it shouldn’t be picking on other minorities; precisely because Quebec rightly wants to uphold equality of the sexes that it shouldn’t be telling Muslim women in particular what not to wear; precisely because Quebec is a modern, secular state that it doesn’t need to outlaw individual expressions of faith; precisely because Quebec is a distinct society with a proud history, culture and identity that it doesn’t need to squelch the identities of others.'