16 March 2015

Dr Marguerite Ritchie: A giant with courage of her convictions | Columnists | Ottawa Sun

A giant with courage of her convictions | Corbett | Columnists | Opinion | Ottaw

And then in 1995, at the height of the political tensions and
brinkmanship of the second Quebec referendum, Dr. Marguerite Ritchie did
something unthinkable to the political elites of this country.

She came out and stated publicly that Quebec's language laws were discriminatory.

She equated what was happening to Anglophones in Quebec to what has
historically been the fate of women. They were being treated as
second-class citizens.

From feminist poster child, Ritchie was transformed overnight in
Ottawa into cranky, elderly Francophone-hater. The government work dried
up. Invitations to certain events never came again.

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