15 March 2015

CCLA Supports Repeal of Montreal Protest Bylaw P-6

CCLA has written to Montreal Councillor Alex Norris who planned to
introduce a motion to repeal Montreal’s controversial bylaw: P-6.  The
bylaw requires individuals to provide prior notice to police of their
meeting places and demonstration itineraries regardless of the size of
the planned protest and without making any exceptions for spontaneous
assemblies.  The bylaw also prohibits individuals from wearing facial
coverings at a public demonstration without reasonable cause.  The bylaw
has been used to clamp down on peaceful protests before they have even
gotten underway and individuals have received tickets of over $600 each.
 CCLA wrote to Montreal’s City Council in May of 2012 when the
amendments to the bylaw were first considered and passed.  With recent
mass arrests taking place under the bylaw, CCLA has again written to the
City expressing its concerns and arguing for the need to protect
fundamental freedoms, including the freedom to peacefully assemble and
freedom of expression.

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