08 January 2015

Would Charlie Hebdo's material be constitutional in Quebec?

Evidently so; the French newspapers published the Charlie cartoons libelling the prophet Muhammad. of course they did. they would have to have respect for others to consider others' respect.

Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting: Quebec newspapers publish Muhammad cartoon

The Montreal Gazette, the English-language daily, decided not to run the same image, which was originally published in 2006.
The cartoon shows the half-hidden, grimacing face of the Prophet Muhammad, saying, "It's tough to be loved by idiots." 
In a joint statement published alongside the cartoon, the French-language newspapers explained they wanted to honour the victims of the Paris shootings and show their support for the “fundamental principle of freedom of expression.”
“Attacking someone simply for their ideas and opinions is an unacceptable affront to democracy,” the statement said.

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