30 August 2012

A CLASSE Struggle catechism

Why are the people demonstrating?
 - They think they can influence the citizens and/or the govt.

Why are demonstrators being arrested?
- They are in illegal marches. And for illegal acts (vandalism, weapons, etc.)

How are the police reacting?
- Great restraint, but some repression after provocation.

Are the marchers read the riot act?
- After claiming announcements can't be heard, the police started using sirens as a warning.

Why are the marches illegal?
- Because of the Special Law Bill 78 (e.g. mandatory to provide itinerary)

Why was Bill 78 passed?
- Because of the student revolt (e.g., blockades of classes)

Why were the students revolting?
- They were "on strike"against a rise in tuition.

Do students have a right to "strike"or boycott?
- Maybe so, if they have a free and fair vote.  (N.B.: The student associations are not recognized as bargaining units by law.)

Did the students have free and fair votes?
- Not usually (small rooms, short notice, show of hands, intimidation). Even those who did vote ``yes` are only 1/3 of the total student population.

Otherwise, are students legally allowed to boycott?
- Surely. But not to force others to miss classes because of blockades (injunctions granted or access thereof).

Is the general population in favour of the students? 
- Since the strike began, the students have never received more than half of the populace's support.

Who does have legitimacy here?
- The majority government, after an election where a majority of voters cast ballots.

So why did the govt negotiate with the student representatives?
- For optics. And to influence the insurgents.

What can I do about it?
- You should support the students gaining injunctions to get to class. Also, to counteract the deeply flawed Bill 78.

What should I not do about it?
- Don't bang pots and pans. That noise is literally painful.

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