04 April 2012

Macpherson: With 'friends' like Jean-François Lisée, who needs enemies?

With 'friends' like Jean-François Lisée, who needs enemies?

We've got the wrong idea about Jean-François Lisée, the sovereignist strategist behind the hatchet job on us English-speaking Quebecers in the issue of L'actualité magazine still on newsstands.
He's really our friend. He said so in an article published on the Opinion page ("Poll result surprised L'actualité," March 29), and on his blog on the L'actualité website. I would not be surprised if some of his best friends are anglos.
Jean-François - friends should be on a first-name basis - also wants to be our teacher. In our ignorance, we thought we had satisfied what Bill 101 required of us. We thought we had done so by learning French and speaking it outside our homes, thereby doing our part to meet Bill 101's objective of making French the common language of Quebec.

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