05 April 2012

The French Conquest ... of England

I wish these vulgarizers would take a step back in history and tell, in French, the story of the Norman / French conquest of England. It was a brutal, military occupation in which virtually all Anglo-Saxon speakers were dispossessed of their lands and positions. It was not considered illegal for a Norman / French to kill an Anglo-Saxon, or rape his wife. The Normans imposed their system of government - all power vested in the king - flooded the towns with their own people - so that 25% of the population was French - drained the country of its wealth to pay for their wars and starved untold thousands in the process - and caused the disappearance of the Anglo-Saxon language- to be replaced by English which is at least 50% derived from French. I think a lot of Quebecois and Quebecoise would like to know that story, particularly as the majority are descended from Normans.

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