22 August 2011

Layton loses battle with cancer

Layton loses battle with cancer

"He was very principled. He would never allow anyone to say anything personal about our opponents."

Layton, occasionally referred to as "affable Jack," was nevertheless a combative partisan, at once critical of attack-style politics and a skilled practitioner of the art.

Square this circle.

Layton lost twice as a federal NDP candidate in Toronto in the 1990s, but in January 2003 — with a crucial endorsement from party icon Ed Broadbent — succeeded Alexa McDonough as the national leader of the New Democrats.

In May 2005, in a move Layton characterized as his greatest achievement as NDP leader prior to the 2011 election, he won agreement from Martin to shift $4.6 billion in proposed corporate tax cuts to $4.6 billion in spending on an array of NDP-backed social programs, environmental initiatives and other measures.

Sure. That pales beside MEDICARE.

Under Turmel, the party will be in free-fall.

What will be his tangible legacy?

Angry Ed divorced an Asian and married a White; Jack Layton divorced a White and married an Asian.

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