19 June 2009

TSS: A Bloodshot Stew for St-Jean (ewww)

Some victory. Sure, the anglo bands can play L'autre St-Jean in English, but they must be presented in French, as per provincial regulation. Even that has not stopped the whining from the usual suspects.

And don't doubt that some ethnocentric types (JPQ, RRQ) will show up to shout them down anyway (despite the militants' "respectable" beards, like the SSJB), for the temerity to sing in Canada's (and Quebec's) other official language. Or will the sponsors provide adequate security for a welcome change?

Never mind that there is no obvious reason for anglos to play on St-Jean. (Patriots' Day, perhaps). They are likely neither Catholics, French-Canadians, nor sovereignists, the official stakeholders for the commemoration. After all, the holiday is not called Civic Holiday, in English or French, but the National Holiday. Which nation would that be, anyway?

Are they all drunk and lacking in discrimination this far ahead of the party?

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