23 June 2011

Bill 150 file

Remember that this was the election that followed the Liberals
introducing and passing into law Bill 150 which, to me, was 1,000 times worse than Bill 178. Bill 150 called for a referendum on separation of Quebec which, if passed by a vote of 50% plus one vote, would be followed by a unilateral declaration of separation .. .not a mandate to negotiate some soft question like sovereignty- association or the harder-but-still- soft question of '95 that Parizeau had the province vote on. THIS WAS MUCH, MUCH FURTHER THAN ANYTHING THE PQ HAD EVER SAID OR DONE.

Well, Claude Ryan along with every other Liberal voted for it (except Russell Williams, the lone holdout). To me, that makes him and every other Liberal a separatist.

Yet in the election immediately following the mandate in which Bill 150 was passed, the anglos returned to voting for the Liberals in massive numbers.

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