15 November 2014

Kelly McParland: Sovereignty’s children follow the tune of the Pied Peladeau


Pierre Karl Péladeau, the right-wing business magnate who plans to run for the leadership of Quebec’s left-wing Parti Quebecois, has one apparent attraction for the job. He’s well-known.
Beyond that single qualification, there is not much to recommend the man for the job. The PQ is a union-friendly party, while Peladeau is detested by unions. It views itself as a populist party, while Peladeau is the privileged offspring of one of the province’s wealthiest families. The party is in a period of decline and needs a skilled politician to direct a revival. Peladeau’s ham-fisted performance did much to turn the tide of the last election in the Liberals’ favour.

It’s a wonder he would even consider running, and that the party would consider electing him. But Peladeau has a Titanic-sized ego, with the sort of overwhelming self-regard that blinds him from any views other than those he chooses to hold. If Canada has a Donald Trump, it could be P.K. Peladeau.

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