26 November 2013

Don Macpherson: So much for a calm, respectful debate on the values charter


Khadir, who is a political adversary of Benhabib, told Le Devoir that “certain incendiary statements” by the former PQ candidate created “such a hostile environment” toward Conradi that, rather than try to continue speaking to an audience “that clearly didn’t want to listen to her,” she walked out. “And I walked out, too, in solidarity.”
In her defence, Benhabib told Le Devoir that Conradi had been “disrespectful to me and to the audience when she interpreted the comments of some participants as perceptions.”
So we have apparently reached the point that to refer to someone else’s beliefs as “perceptions” has become an irresistible provocation that must be met with booing and heckling.

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