23 June 2014

Quebec Values

(via interfaithcalendar.org/)

(N.B: All outlooks that give meaning to the lives of adherents are included in the term "religious")
Materialism understands the world as it is now to be the only reality that matters for humans.
Adherents include atheists, secular humanists and various other forms.
Some adherents are aggressively opposed to traditional religions other than Roman Catholicism.
Some actively promote the abolition of religion that takes seriously a divine being and a reality beyond the perceived world and universe.

“You cannot say we’re going to allow for the postponement of the vote according to one religion, because other religious communities will also demand the same,” he said.
(i.e., religious accommodation is unreasonable)
 “The issue here is the principle of not setting the election date according to the different religious holidays. There are more than 100 religious holidays in the calendar.
Not all holidays are Sabbaths)
The PQ has proposed that non-Christian religious symbols be banned in the public sector, but that the Catholic crucifix would still be allowed, reflecting Quebec’s heritage.(Catholic Christianity is 'established')

Beaulieu says, “Let them walk,” when asked what unilingual anglophone transit users, who cannot speak French to m├ętro ticket-takers, should do.
(French is the only language that service personnel should use)

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