30 May 2013

Quebec soaks Canada for $20 billion a year

Psst! Don’t tell the Rest of Canada . . . | Montreal Gazette

. . but they’re subsidizing us Quebecers to the tune of (gulp) $19 billion a year.
At least that’s the estimate obtained by financial columnist Michel Girard of Le Journal de Montréal.
The source of the estimate? This province’s own Institut de la statistique du Québec.
The estimate, Girard wrote on Friday in a column titled Sovereignty in the Red, shows that Ottawa collected about $42.5 billion in revenue from Quebec in 2011, but spent $61.6 billion for this province.
At the time of the 1995 sovereignty referendum, there was a widespread belief among Quebecers that their province was a “cash cow” for the RoC.
Some cash cow.

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