18 November 2011

We're Numero Un

Canadian high schools flunk history: Study

Maybe it's time for provincial education ministers to start hitting the books.

Four provinces received a failing grade for their Canadian history high school curriculum in the latest Canadian History Report Card, released Monday by the Dominion Institute of Canada.

"And nobody got an A, so nobody can sit back and say everything is fine," said Marc Chalifoux, executive director of the Dominion Institute. "The results are, frankly, troubling."

Quebec took top honours with a B-plus. British Columbia, the Yukon and Ontario received Bs. At the other end of the scale, Alberta, Saskatchewan, P.E.I., Newfoundland and Labrador and the Northwest Territories all failed.

Chalifoux said in Quebec, the primarily French-speaking province earned accolades for recently instituting two years of mandatory history.

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