27 October 2011

Louise Harel watch


anglo-basher (critics of megacities are anglo colonialists), ignoring Franco anti-mergerites

opportunist (took over established party without a leadership debate); but will be "coronated" later

borough powers are regulated by the province, not the city (as she wishes)

architect of the megacity by fiat, not referendum; refused consultation on the issue; her party (PQ) had not run on the issue, even disavowed it

set up commission to study megacity proposal; when it recommended against it, she ignored it

Her good examples:
* Boston: in reality, that area had many more munis than MTL
* Europe (34 countries had passed laws against forced mergers)
* Toronto (costs had risen, not fallen)
* would curb urban sprawl (has not)
* would redistribute wealth (was not the best way to do so)

supports super-majority requirements to leave the megacity (but leaving Canada requires a simple majority)

a centralist, says the boroughs are too powerful ["quasi-villes"]

a unilingualist in a cosmopolitan city

an "evil sovereignist" (selon Fagstein)

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