19 January 2019

PATRIQUIN: Trudeau fails Muslims by not challenging Quebec’s niqab law


Justin Trudeau cares deeply. Feeling your pain, and channeling your optimism, is largely the reason behind his rise to power.
By now, his perfectly staged empathy, delivered as soliloquy, is the stuff of rote, as is the ensuing hug or occasional tear. Women, Indigenous people, the poor, the middle class, sexual minorities, religious minorities, refugees, Holocaust survivors, the public service, the disabled: Trudeau cares deeply about all and more. His allies call it humanity. His critics call it virtue signalling. His handlers see it as good politics.
There are limits to this empathy, however. As Quebec commemorates the one-year anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shootings, in which six Muslims were slaughtered because of their religion, the Trudeau government have shown that when the Prime Minister’s storied empathy collides with political considerations, politics inevitably win out. And Quebec’s 243,000 Muslims find themselves less safe and more targeted because of it.

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