12 June 2013

Stupid Nationalist Tricks: Pseudo-secularism

'Parti Québécois, along with the governing Liberals, passed a motion in 2008 opposing the removal of a similar crucifix in the national assembly—placed there in 1936 by the Maurice Duplessis government as a monument to the bond between church and state. That crucifix, according to the motion, is part of Quebec’s “heritage.”
Quebec’s model of interculturalism is inherently secular. 
 "These conspicuous religious symbols are not primarily worn to demonstrate the faith of wearer.  If this were the case, they could be discreet. Rather they have a political impact. They are foremost a  formal symbol of their refusal to integrate, in fact a provocation.  It's a game of tug of war meant to break the host society and force it to capitulate. 

The Quebec government yesterday decided to support the FQS, a happy and courageous decision. It is not a case of looking for a fight with Ottawa, but just remember that behind this turban affair, true principles clash. Quebec is right not to be ashamed of itself."

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